WiR - Women in Rail

WiR - Women in Rail

Social partners’ recommendations and annual reporting

As an outcome of the CER – ETF – EIM project “Follow-up of the CER-ETF Joint Recommendations on Better Representation and Integration of Women in the Railway Sector: Implementation – Evaluation – Review” (2011-2012, aka: WiR - Women In Rail), CER and ETF decided to establish annual reporting on the development of women’s employment in the sector, based on a limited number of indicators.

The objectives of this survey are to gain an overview of the representation of women in European rail enterprises, to keep updated statistical data, to follow the impact of the 2007 CER-ETF Joint Recommendations on better participation and integration of women in the rail sector and to track the developments since the initial WiR report.

With this annual survey CER and ETF also aim to motivate railway companies to take positive actions as indicated in their Joint Recommendations.



WiR - Sixth Annual Report - 2019 survey

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WiR Project - Final Report (2012)

WiR Project - Good practices and implementation Guide (2012): English, French, German

WiR Project - ETF-CER recommendations (2007): English, French, German, Italian