Photography contest

Aline Bastin Photography Contest

In 2020 CER invited its member companies to participate in the 8th edition of the European Railway Photography Contest, renamed in memory of our tragically departed colleague and friend.

The theme of the contest was: "Railways that Connect"

Our thanks to all who participated! We received more than 700 photos from 25 countries across Europe.The 12 winning entries can be viewed below.


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Purple side

By Slobodan MITRICSlobodan, MITRIC / "Purple side"

This photo was taken in Croatia from the balcony of the photographer Slobodan Mitric, which includes a view of the train station, the harbour and the westward sky. 

Slobodan Mitric is from Split, Croatia and works for the national railway company HZ Infrastructure as a civil engineer. He has been taking photos for 20 years and spends his free time traveling.

Meetings and Farewells

By Carolina CHAMBELCarolina CHAMBEL, Portugal / "Gare do Oriente - Meetings and Farewells"

When deciding to enter the contest, photographer Carolina immediately thought of Gare do Oriente in Lisbon due to its beautiful architecture and lighting, but also its human dimension as a place of meetings and farewells.

Carolina Chambel was born in Portugal but loves to explore and travel: "One of the best things in life is to travel and go deeper into another culture and way of living”. Photography is one of her favourite activities and she would like to continue developing her skills. 

Under Strečno castle

By Roman MATOUŠEKRoman MATOUŠEK, Czech Republic / "Under Strečno castle"

Roman Matoušek took this shot at his favourite place, under the Střekov castle. He had been trying to capture this locomotive, his favourite, for a long time. 

Roman Matoušek is a high-school student in the Czech Republic and wants to become a train driver. He has been taking photos for four years and has been interested in trains since he was a kid.

In movement

By Julija DOMACJulija DOMAC, Croatia / "In movement"

Photographer Julija Domac says of her photo that “since my early childhood I liked  to travel by train. I think that railways connect people all over the world.”

Julija Domac is a retired geography teacher from Zagreb, Croatia. She has been a photographer since being a student herself and has been more active recently as a member of Photoclub Zagreb.

Train and sunset

By Ivo RADOEVIvo RADOEV, Bulgaria / "Train and sunset"

Photographer Ivo Radoev likes to combine beautiful nature and passing trains, but did not expect to capture this freight train at the exact moment when the sun was setting in the horizon.

Ivo Radoev lives in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently works as a payroll accountant. Although he doesn’t work in the rail sector, he has loved trains since a child and photography has been a hobby of his for 15 years. 

Beautiful winter in Switzerland

By Petra KUBUSOVAPetra KUBUSOVA, Slovakia / "Beautiful winter in Switzerland"

Petra Kubusova took this photo during a business trip to Switzerland when she decided to explore the country and its natural beauty by train. The photo was taken while changing trains at a small station.

Petra Kubusova is from Slovakia where she works as a project manager. Always looking for travel opportunities, she and her husband run a food and travel blog at

On a speed train

By József ZALAVÁRIJózsef ZALAVÁRI, Hungary / "On a speed train"

"A good picture is born when we notice the moments, the details that also bring us closer to the railway instead of seeing it just as a ‘tool’", says photographer József Zalavári. "Kids are brilliant at this!

József Zalavári is from Nagykanizsa, Hungary and is an employee at Hungarian railway company MÁV Start Zrt. He started photography less than a year ago as a hobby.

From the sky

By Simonas DOMARKASSimonas DOMARKAS, Lithuania

This photo was taken from a drone on a cold and sunny autumn morning. It is the RA2 model train at the Kūlupėnai railway bridge in Lithuania.

Simonas Domarkas is the main train photographer of Lithuanian Railways  “LTG Link” and travels the country capturing impressive photos of trains.

The night service begins

By Csaba PROHASZKACsaba PROHASZKA, Hungary / "The night service begins"

This photo was taken in Passau freight station, when a colleague is preparing work by the tank train. The photographer wanting to record and present the world of railway workers through this shot.

Csaba Prohászka is an engine driver in Austria and has been a rail photographer since 1992, starting with analogue Russian cameras before moving to digital cameras from 2002. 

"Nel blu dipinto di blu"

Simone DE PAULIS, Italy / "Nel blu dipinto di blu"

This photo was taken in the beautiful landscape around Taormina, a town in Sicily spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain. Railway passengers get a glimpse of the bay below and a taste of Sicilian dolce vita. 

Photographer Simone De Paulis is from Italy.

Railway connects main hubs


Henk ZWOFERINK, The Netherlands / "Railway connects main hubs"

This bright and colourful view of a busy freight terminal was photographed in Antwerp in Belgium.

Henk Zwoferink is a photographer living in The Netherlands. 

Papal visit

By Alexandru POPA

Alexandru POPA, Romania

This photo was taken during Pope Francis' pilgrimage through Romania, a once in a lifetime opportunity for both Romanian pilgrims and for trainspotters to capture the charter trains. 

Alexandru Popa lives in Targu-Mures, Romania, working in retail, and is considering a future career in railways. He has been taking photos of trains since 2007 and “believes that the railways are the future for our mobility needs.



Held on an annual basis, the contest seeks to find the 12 best pictures highlighting the modern, environmentally-friendly and human dimensions of railways. Winners each receive a 200 euros prize.


The contest is open to all residents of the 27 Member States of the European Union, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Georgia, the Republic of North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Only photos taken in the above-mentioned countries can be submitted.

Please consult the complete rules of the contest by clicking here.


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