CER 05 May 2023

Happy Europe Day!

Europe Day is a wonderful opportunity to rejoice in our common European spirit and how we want to continue to shape it together, united in our rich diversity. To help the day become more widely recognised the "Happy Europe Day!" campaign was started in Germany in 2021. The principle is simple: all partners of the initiative display the phrase ‘Happy Europe Day!’ using their individual capabilities. In 2021 for example it appeared for a few days on all the checkout slips of a major supermarket chain, and was visible on stadium banners and train station displays, among other things.

DB was indeed one of these pioneering partners and now, in 2023, DB is joined by six other CER members to help spread the word among railway users.

Look out for Happy Europe Day greetings by DB, SNCF, FS, CFL, SNCB/NMBS, PKP and CD this 9th of May:

  • in stations
  • onboard trains
  • and on social media #9mai

If you want to learn more about the initiative or get involved visit the campaign website here.