Reports 21 Sep 2020

Follow-up to the Sector Statement on Rail Freight Corridors

In 2016 Ministers of Transport signed the so-called ‘Rotterdam Declaration’ in support of the development of international rail freight transport and in particular the Rail Freight Corridors. Following this, the sector identified ten priorities in a Sector Statement presented during the Rail Freight Day in December 2016 under the Netherlands’s Council Presidency. The sector stakeholders decided to work together on the priorities in an integrated way, and in July 2017, they set-up the Sector Statement Group as an information sharing platform. Rapporteurs were appointed for each of the identified priorities.

In this Follow-up report, the Sector Statement Group wishes to outline the developments, improvements and challenges of each priority action. It is released on the occasion of the 21 September 2020 Ministerial Declaration "Rail Freight Corridors: The Future of Rail Freight in Europe" (Berlin Declaration), which takes place as the European Commission looks to revise the Rail Freight Corridors Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 913/2010).