Agreements & resolutions 30 Mar 2021

Sector Stakeholder Statement on International Rail Passenger Services

Rail Sector stakeholders have issued a collective statement on international rail passenger services, in support of the work of the Platform on International Rail Passenger Transport (IRP) - a Platform of all signing EU Member States and third countries that works together with the European Commission, the European Railway Agency, Shift2Rail, OTIF and rail sector organisations. The Rail stakeholders have been advising the Platform formally for the last six months in a 'Sector Mirror Group' to the IRP. The Sector Mirror Group consists of representatives of railway undertakings (CER/ALLRAIL/UIC/CIT), infrastructure managers (EIM/CER/UIC), railway suppliers (UNIFE), passenger and consumers’ organisations (EPF/BEUC), travel companies (EU Travel Tech/ECTAA) and distributors (EU Travel Tech/ALLRAIL). In the Sector Statement you will see commitments and needs from the sector to realise efficient international rail passenger services. The Sector Mirror Group Co-Chairs - Alberto Mazzola for CER and Christopher Irwin for EPF - stress that by providing services tailored to the needs of customers, creating good quality infrastructure and capacity, and investing to make railways more competitive, international passenger rail can be the preferred mode of transport. The Sector Statement is available to download below.