The EcoPassenger tool calculates the energy consumption, and CO2 and exhaust atmospheric emissions of trains, cars and airplanes.


The EcoTransIT tool calculates the energy consumption, and CO2 and exhaust atmospheric emissions of freight trains, ships, airplanes and trucks.

ERADIS - European Railway Agency Database of Interoperability and Safety

The European Railway Agency has established and managed a public database of safety documents (PDB). The ERADIS database shall ensure that the information relevant to the safety and interoperability of the railways in the Member States is accessible and transparent to all interested parties and stakeholders in the railway 

In the Railway Safety Directive 2004/49/EC and the Agency Regulation 881/2004 /with later amendments/, the Agency has been given the task of collecting and proving public access to the following documents: 

  • The EC declarations of verification of subsystems;
  • The EC declarations of conformity of constituents available to the national safety authorities;
  • The licences issued in accordance with Directive 95/18/EC;
  • The safety certificates issued in accordance with Article 10 of the Railway Safety Directive;
  • The investigation reports sent to the Agency in accordance with Article 24 of the Railway Safety Directive;
  • The national rules notified to the Commission in accordance with Article 8 of the Railway Safety Directive and Articles 5(6) and 17(3) of the Railway Interoperability Directive;
  • A biennial report on safety performance, based on CSIs, national reports on safety and accidents and its own information.
  • The link to the national vehicle registers;

Further information can also be found at:

Railway Reform: Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance

The toolkit is a comprehensive guide to navigating the difficult, complex, and perpetually challenging process of reforming the railways.

It includes 450 pages of discussions, examples, diagrams, case studies, a financial model, an extensive bibliography, and many links to websites and related reports.

Your passenger rigths at hand

Over the last thirty years, there has been a boom in mobility in Europe. For millions of citizens travel has become a reality, indeed a right.

Passengers need a common set of principles, so that they can be more easily aware of their rights if something goes wrong with their trip, regardless of the mode of transport they use or whether a journey takes place wholly within a single Member State or goes through an intra-Community or external frontier.