Giancarlo Cimoli


From 2001 to 2004

CER Chair

Johannes Ludewig

From 2001 to 2011

CER Executive Director

Loyola de Palacio

From 1998 to 2004

EU Commissioner for Transport

40 Members

New members: Connex (France), SLB (Austria), JZ (Serbia/Montenegro), ASTOC (Sweden). In addition, after the restructuring of the rail sector, NRIC (Bulgaria) and VPE (Hungary) join CER.

Voluntary commitments

CER-ETF agreement on European licence for train drivers

CER-ETF agreement on working conditions for cross-border services

CER Developments


Second step towards market opening: entire freight market 

  • Directive 2004/51/EC amending Directive 91/440/EEC
  • Directive 2004/49/EC on safety amending Directive 95/18/EC and Directive 2001/14/EC 
  • Directive 2004/50/EC amending Council Directive 96/48/EC and Directive 2001/16/EC
  • Regulation (EC) 881/2004 establishing the European Railway Agency (ERA)

TEN-T: Decision No. 884/2004/EC revises the TEN-T guidelines and introduces ‘Coordinators’ (proposed by CER to Karel van Miert, Chairman of the preparatory group) and ‘priority projects’, whilst Regulation (EC) 807/2004 amending Council Regulation (EC) 2236/95 revises the TEN financial guidelines

ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY is legislated in Directive 2004/35/EC

DIRECTIVE 2004/26 amending Directive 97/68/EC on pollution levels of diesel engines

EU Legal Developments