Rail Freight Forward

Rail Freight Forward

Rail freight for climate, mobility and health

Rail Freight Forward is a coalition of European rail freight companies which are committed to drastically reducing the negative impact of freight transport on the planet and mobility through innovation and a more intelligent transport mix.

The coalition has the ambition to increase the modal share of rail freight to 30% by 2030 as the macro-economically better solution for European growth. It strives to engage railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and policymakers across Europe in acting to realise this modal shift.

More about the coalition at www.railfreightforward.eu.

Noah's Train

To mark their climate commitment and win hearts and minds in support of the modal shift, the members of the Rail Freight Forward coalition chose Katowice, host city to the COP24 climate summit, to officially launch Noah’s Train. Since then the train has travelled through Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia and Spain. In each city it stopped in, prominent local street artists gradually transformed the train into the world’s longest transformative mobile artwork, inspired by the oldest tale of environmental activism.

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