CER Essay - The Swiss experience to support modal shift

CER Essay - The Swiss experience to support modal shift

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

The CER Essays initiative features a series of essays that show the rail sector as contributing not only to EU transport policy, but touching on different aspects of society at large. Topics covered by the initiative will range from modal shift, climate policy,  infrastructure investment, highspeed rail, demography and more. Each essay will feature a different topic and be co-authored by a CER member CEO and a leading academic from the same country and will be used to spark debate among political stakeholders on the role of rail in the EU.

Essay 1 - The Swiss experience to support modal shift


With the EU Green Deal the moment is right for Europe to convert modal shift targets into concrete policy measures. Switzerland has had a dedicated modal shift policy for cross-alpine freight transport since the 1990s. Today more than 72% of cross-alpine freight traffic in Switzerland is on rail. This shows that a modal shift to rail freight is possible. A closer look at the Swiss  experience can give ideas and inspiration.